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Our Best Answer - What is your Academic Renewal Policy?

Academic Renewal Policy and Procedure

This Academic Renewal Policy for Golden West College is issued pursuant to Section 55764 and 55765 of the California Administrative Code (Title 5) regulations. The purpose of this policy is to disregard past substandard academic performance of a student when such work is not reflective of their current demonstrated ability. It is based on the recognition that due to unusual circumstances, or circumstances beyond the control of a student, the past substandard work will negatively affect their academic standing and unnecessarily prolong the rate at which he/she may complete his/her current objectives.

Therefore, under the circumstances outlined below, Golden West College may disregard from all considerations associated with requirements for the Certificate of Achievement/ Associate in Arts Degree and general education certification up to a maximum of thirty (30) semester units of course work from two semesters taken at any college. These circumstances are:

  1. The student has requested the action formally and has presented evidence that work completed in the term(s) under consideration is substandard (less than a 2.0 grade point average) and not representative of present scholastic ability as verified by the current level of performance. Verification must consist of:
    1. Completion of a minimum of 12 semester units of course work at any regionally accredited college or university with a minimum cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 subsequent to the course work to be disregarded.
    2. At least 12 months has elapsed since completion of the most recent course work to be disregarded.
  2. Agreement that all units taken during the semester(s) to be disregarded, except those courses required as a prerequisite or to satisfy a requirement, in the student’s “redirected” educational objective.
  3. An understanding that the student’s permanent academic record shall be annotated so that it is readily evident to all users of the records that units disregarded, even if satisfactory, may not apply to certificate, degree or general education certification requirements.
  4. Agreement that all course work remains legible on the student’s permanent record ensuring a true and complete academic history.

If another accredited college has acted to remove previous course work from Certificate of Achievement, Associate in Arts or Bachelor Degree consideration, such action shall be honored in terms of that institution’s policy. Units disregarded by another institution shall be deducted from the thirty semester units maximum of course work eligible for alleviation at Golden West College.

Students requesting removal of previous course work for certificate or degree consideration shall file a petition at the Enrollment Center. The petition shall outline the semesters of course work to be disregarded and shall include evidence verifying (1) that work completed during this period is substandard, and (2) the expiration of at least 12 months since the end of the last term to be excluded. All official transcripts must be on file at Golden West College.

The Director of Admissions and Records or his/her designee shall act to approve the petition and make the proper annotation on the student’s permanent record upon verification of the conditions set forth herein.

NOTE: It is possible that other colleges or universities may not accept the Academic Renewal Policy.

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