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Our Best Answer - Do you offer online courses?

Online Courses

GWC does offer online courses through the Canvas Learning Management Online System.

Today's online students are disciplined and dedicated, scheduling their class meeting times and homework around their other coursework, family lives, and full-time jobs.

With online courses, you can log in to complete work at any time of day or night, any day of the week! You will, of course, need to meet course deadlines and due dates (most courses are not self-paced through the semester), but you can put in each week's hours whenever it's convenient for you. 

Online Success Tutorial - Ten Steps to Get Started

And for those who enjoy traditional classroom interaction, our online hybrid courses combine half of the required meeting time online and half through face-to-face instruction via on-campus class meetings.

To assess whether or not online courses are for you, or if you are planning to take an online course and want to be prepared, see the Online Student Readiness Tutorials.


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