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Our Best Answer - How do I register for classes?

Class Registration

To be able to register for classes at Golden West College you must first have a registration date for the current term.  You can check your registration status by logging into your student portal, MyGWC.  

To register for courses, log into MyGWC:

  • Click on the Student tab
  • Click on “Add or Drop Classes”
  • Select a term (ex: GWC Fall 2016) then click "Submit."
  • Enter Course Reference Numbers (CRNs) from the printed class schedule then click on "Finalize Add/Drop"
  • Verify your registration then click on "Pay Now" to pay your fees.
  • Verify your fees then click on "Make a Payment" to pay by credit card. Fees are due at the time of registration.
  • To continue paying by credit card, click on "Pay", select a "Payment Method", enter the credit card type, card number, expiration date, and billing address then click on "Continue."
  • Select a College/Term then click "Continue."
  • Verify the information entered then click "Continue."
  • You can print the form from your web browser as proof of payment. You will also receive a confirmation email sent to your CCCD Gmail address.
  • Verify your classes by printing your student program ("Student Class Program - Web Bill Schedule") link on the Student Tab. Only classes that you are still registered or waitlisted in should appear on your student program. Make sure to pay attention to the deadline dates!      


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